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Virtual Event

Content production for an event industry showcase, to highlight best practice in the new virtual/hybrid world

A collaboration with other self-employed event industry experts, this virtual event was designed to showcase the technologies and transferable skills available in the new virtual event landscape.

With a whole programme of entertainment, including live music, thought-provoking keynotes and interactive breakouts, the event demonstrated ways to engage audiences with a variety of live-stream and virtual formats.

The show was a mix of pre-recorded, immersive XR and live studio content delivered by remote teams via a bespoke virtual platform.

It also included inspiring and humorous ‘behind the scenes’ stories from some of the best event professionals in the business, aimed at uniting and uplifting the industry during lockdown.

“Well done team WWM21. At one point, I saw a count of at least 675 attendees. Nice work in bringing so many in the industry together again. Bravo!”

— Kate Smith, Industry Specialist.