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Chimera Productions

Creation of a series of experimental music and audio-visual experiences for both corporate and commercial audiences

Together with Chimera Productions, we’ve produced a series of unique live shows and events fusing together unusual genre combinations and cutting-edge music collaborations.

Some of our stand-out and ground-breaking performances include Gabriel Prokofiev’s Concerto for Turntables with DJ Yoda and the Heritage Orchestra. The sell-out, world premiere at Scala nightclub was sponsored by Audi TT and the show went on to be performed at the BBC Proms.    

We continued to deliver the unexpected with the creation of Blank Canvas, a series of ‘classical club nights’ as well as Music and Money for Barclays Wealth – an art exhibition and interactive opera based on the Stock Exchange in which singers traded stocks using music, to make real money.

“One of the most exciting musical premieres I’ve seen in a long time.”

— The Guardian review of Concerto for Turntables