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Think Bigtique: How TOMO’s Collaborations Can Raise Your Event Game

Let’s chat about something that for us is the lifeblood of successful events – collaboration. We believe that great amplification comes from great collaboration.

At TOMO Events, we’re big on concept and delivery, small on agency size. We’re a small but perfectly formed team, with extensive global event experience and a trusted network of the absolute best specialists in the business. 

This means we’re able to cherry pick the right team for the right project, working precisely to your brief and the mix of personalities involved.

This flexible team approach means we can scale up (or down) depending on your requirements and make sure your budget goes on creativity and production, not massive agency overheads. 

Collaboration is at the Heart of Every Event

Think of the most amazing event you’ve ever attended. Now, imagine the invisible web of teamwork that made it all happen. At TOMO Events we are experts at creating bespoke teams and we’re firm believers that the right team delivers the right results.

Take, for instance, our recent collaboration with The Cultivators. This design led, experiential agency prides itself on producing beautiful environments and 3D installations that get talked about. By teaming up with them, we were able to elevate our creative offering, while strengthening their production and operations. 

In 2023 we also partnered with private event design specialists, The Filthy Prawn, who brought us on board to co-produce and deliver two large scale, international weddings for high net worth, private clients. 

These events involved working with teams of designers, stylists, florists, caterers, performers, make-up artists, photographers and videographers in incredible (and often challenging) 5-star locations in the South of France and West Sussex. 

But it wasn’t all Champagne and glamour!

Both weddings were three day celebrations. The French event was attended by over 250 guests across multiple locations, and required a significant focus on operations and logistics, with a lot of communication in the local language.

To ensure a seamless guest experience, we flew out a specialist team of our most trusted events experts to manage local suppliers and venues, including our fabulous bi-lingual transport and logistics manager, Astrid.

Crafting Iconic Moments Together

The thing we love most about what we do is the fact that every brief is different, which is why each event requires a very unique and often specialist team approach. By having a lean and flexible operational model, we can bring on board the best in the business to curate and deliver large scale and complex productions with outstanding results.

The concert version of The Little Prince, the Musical we co-produced with Chimera Concert Productions for the Abu Dhabi Music Festival (ADMAF) in 2016 is a great example of this.

Working in partnership with composers Nick Lloyd Webber and James D Reid, we executive produced a team of event professionals, technical directors and performers to deliver a breathtaking live show.  

With a 20m LED-walled backdrop of immersive visuals and cutting-edge sound design, the shows featured performances by award-winning British actor Hugh Grant as the narrator, alongside a host of West End artists and the 40-piece Heritage Orchestra, conducted by Simon Lee.

Not only did we have to wrangle a huge amount of crew and performers, we also had the added challenge of managing senior stakeholders, based across different time zones (London, Hollywood and the Middle East) and with very different needs, creative vision and cultural backgrounds, all requiring the utmost diplomacy and sensitivity.

Seamless Synergy, Unforgettable Experiences

These stories aren’t just about TOMO’s versatility; they’re testament to how the seamless integration of ideas and execution can be the difference between a successful event or a disaster. It’s about taking a vision and not just meeting, but exceeding expectations.

But it’s not just our amazing behind the scenes crew that makes the magic happen, it’s also about our trusted client relationships.

We like to work in partnership with our clients, almost as an extension of our own team and we’re super proud of the strong relationships that we’ve cultivated over the years. 

By getting to know you and your brand, we can join forces and craft bespoke  experiences that not only stand out, but are credible and authentic.

We believe in the power of collaborations, and we’re always excited to explore new possibilities with fellow co-creators.